Hello from Trent

Welcome to trentronics which is currently my personal website.


You can read a brief bio of me on the sidebar or you can click into Resume to see my full resume.

Personal Blog

I post my Blog here and it covers a range of topics that matter to me.

  • Sustainability
  • Computer Science
  • Business Management and Administration
  • Video and Traditional Games

If you're only interested in following my business posts you can follow me on LinkedIn, as all the posts are also posted there.


I'm currently working on two projects and have one that's just a list.

  • MORPS Universe - Minnas Open Role Playing Science-fiction Universe is a wiki that I maintain for a fictional sci-fi universe setting for role-players. Anyone can be contribute to the universe or use it for quick access to adventures or needed info
  • Scheduler - A scheduler that I've been working on in Java. It has a basic drag and drop functionality and some backend ability to load data from excel and store it into SQL databases
  • Product Lifetime Reviews - I keep a list of products that I've purchased and their lifetime use for me. I truly believe in buying something once and using it until it's death (hopefully never) and keep a list of products that I've bought and recommendations

Contacting Me

My email is listed in the sidebar but if that doesn't work for you it is trent @ trentronics.com

My business phone number is +1 (360) 340-9334

  • I don't often answer my business phone on all calls but am happy to text or call back